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Article updated at 24 Jun 2019
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Java on Embedded ARM

Java has some inherent benefits such as portability, application isolation, extensive standard libraries, among others. It also has some limitations including JVM overhead. Java applications on embedded devices commonly rely on Java Native Access (JNA) and Java Native Interface (JNI) to incorporate C libraries, notably low-level HW/OS interfaces, which may impact application portability.


Toradex has tested the following Java Virtual Machines with our Linux images:

Installing Java


OpenJDK may be added as a layer to an OpenEmbedded build for standalone compilation or inclusion into a custom built Linux image. For more information, see Adding the Java Layer.

Oracle JVM

Oracle JDKs/JREs are available for download from Oracle's website. Be sure to read the software license for restriction details.

Our internal benchmarks show that the Oracle ARM JVM out-performs the OpenJDK ARM JVM in most cases.

Windows Embedded Compact

On Windows Embedded Compact 7 we tested a beta version of Oracle SE7. If you are interested in a demo please contact our support

We also tested these older Java VMs:

The following JVMs have not been tested by us: