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Toradex Easy Installer - Load Toradex Easy Installer


Article updated at 22 Apr 2021
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Remember that you can always refer to the Easy Installer Documentation, there you can find a lot of relevant articles that might help you in the process of load and flashing an image on your module.


The Toradex Easy Installer application runs completely in memory so that the complete internal flash can be erased, (re)partitioned, formatted, or written.

If your module does not boot to Toradex Easy Installer by default (for instance, it boots to Linux or WinCE instead), you will need to load it in memory from a host computer, using USB OTG in Recovery Mode.

Note: Please, carefully read the below to understand the setup of how to load Toradex Easy Installer into the module.

Remarks about the recovery mode (USB OTG) approach:

  • You need a regular USB to micro USB or USB to USB-C cable, and a carrier board that provides access to the USB OTG interface.
  • There is no need to prepare an SD card or USB stick, you just need to run a loading script from your PC.
  • It works with the computer on the module in any software state, including a module with a corrupted bootloader or root filesystem.
  • You just need access to the hardware. Access to the bootloader or operating system is not strictly required, though it may simplify putting the module in recovery mode for some specific SoCs.
  • Please avoid using a USB Hub between the PC and the USB OTG port.
  • The process is executed through scripts for Windows or Linux environments. We don't recommend using Virtual Machines for this process.

The USB OTG approach establishes a connection between your development PC (Host) and the module (Client): A recovery script will be launched from your PC, which will automatically load and execute Toradex Easy Installer in the module.

Over this process, Toradex Easy Installer is first saved in the PC, loaded from there, and executed on the module's RAM.

Download Toradex Easy Installer

A stable version will be released after roughly six months after a beta is released, only if no issues are reported or open.

Otherwise, there will be another beta release fixing any open or reported issues.

See the revision history and roadmap for details:

Stable Release

Module Download
Apalis iMX6 Toradex Easy Installer
Apalis T30 Toradex Easy Installer
Apalis TK1 Toradex Easy Installer
Colibri iMX6 Toradex Easy Installer
Colibri iMX6ULL Toradex Easy Installer
Colibri iMX7 Toradex Easy Installer

Beta Release

Use the latest version from the table below:

Image Supported Modules
Toradex Easy Installer 2.0b7-20210415 Apalis iMX6 (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 29.4 MB)
Apalis iMX8 (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 38.47 MB)
Apalis iMX8X (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 38.06 MB)
Apalis T30 Mainline (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 30.49 MB)
Apalis Tk1 Mainline (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 32.9 MB)
Colibri iMX6 (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 29.38 MB)
Colibri iMX6ULL (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 29.73 MB)
Colibri iMX7 Solo 256MB/Dual 512MB (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 30.15 MB)
Colibri iMX8X (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 38.84 MB)
Verdin iMX8M Mini (2021-04-15 | 2.0b7-20210415 | 42.8 MB)

Unzip the Zip file in a local directory on a Windows or Linux host.

Nightly Release

Nightly builds are available from our artifacts server.

  1. Navigate to the corresponding SoM release directory.
  2. Right-click the directory, a sub-menu will appear.
  3. Click on Download. A menu named Download Folder will show up.
  4. Select the Archive Type.
  5. Click on Download.

See our illustration below as an example:

Load Toradex Easy Installer From USB OTG

First, you have to put your module in Recovery Mode:

After entering recovery mode, go to the unzipped folder from the Easy Installer you downloaded at the beginning of the article, and use one of the following scripts on the host machine to download and run the Easy Installer through USB OTG:

  • Windows: recovery-windows.bat
  • Linux:

Obs: This does not write the Toradex Easy Installer to flash, it only loads it into the module's RAM memory. You will have to redo these steps if you power off your module.

Warning: Apalis TK1 does not have a script for Windows. If you want to load Toradex Easy Installed on an Apalis TK1 module, use a Linux PC.

If downloading gets stuck or fails with an error, try starting over from the recovery mode article.

Obs: During the recovery process, the module connected via USB may re-enumerates several times.

This might cause multiple device detections on Windows. It also does not work well through virtualization since the individual re-enumerated USB devices get not routed through to the virtual machine guest automatically. So that's why we don't recommend using a Virtual Machine for this process.