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ESP8266 WiFi module


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Many of you must have already heard about super low cost ESP8266 chip developed by Espressif which is Low-power, highly-integrated Wi-Fi solution, it uses just 7 external components, supports wide temperature range: -40°C to +125°C, embedded with upto 8MBit FLASH as mentioned on their website.

Lot of external companies have started using this chip and rolling out WiFi modules with integrated antenna on PCB or an option of chip and/or SMA antenna connector.

It is really easy to interface these modules supporting UART (AT Commands) with any controller or processor.

In the following sections we will explain how one can interface ESP07 module with Toradex computer modules.

ESP07 Module

Note: Toradex do not recommend or endorse this WiFi chip /module, this article is just an example showing how this WiFi solution could be used on our platform. It is developers responsibility to evaluate reliability and other parameters before putting it on to the design.

Hardware Interface

Demo application in C (WinCE)

We have done an example application in C to connect the ESP07 WiFi module to network & receive data. The ESP07 module is configured as server and Hercules is used as client.

Download project