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Toradex Developer Center

Welcome to the Toradex Developer Website. Your one-stop resource for our embedded computing and IoT solutions.

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Quickstart Guide

Our quickstart guide contains all the information you need to get up-and-running with your Toradex board

Hardware Offering

Understand how Toradex's Computer on Modules work together and check all of Toradex's hardware offerings


A ready-to-use, Linux-based software platform, that makes it easy to develop and deploy your application

Embedded Linux

Toradex offers in-house operating system support for Linux, providing BSP layers and reference images for Yocto Project

Toradex Community

Join Toradex Community! Helps you resolve your queries, discuss, share and help. We invite you to be a part of this ever-growing community constituted by our embedded enthusiasts.

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Our Partners

We know that you need more than just our Computer on Modules for your embedded projects. Our network of partners can help you in your product development for both hardware and software requirements.

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The Toradex video channel aims at showcasing interesting demo videos, handy tutorials, webinar recordings, customer feedback, and much more - based on Toradex's product portfolio and value offerings.

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