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Windows CE Library - Co-Processor Interface Library (CoProcLib)


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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This library Interfaces to the Co-Processor registers for Module & Processor identification, Clock and Power modes.

Current Version


Application Notes

CoProcLib contains a function (getPROCID()) to query the Processor Type (PXA270, PXA300, PXA310, PXA320, T20 & T30).

CoProclib contains a function (getModuleFamily()) to query the Module Family (Apalis, Colibri).

CoProcLib also contains functions to query and set Clock, Power & L2 Cache Modes.

Library API

Click here for the library API

Other Resources

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Revision History

Date Rev Change Notes
11/03/2014 V2.2 Add missing functions to DLL: GetSoCType() and getModuleFamily()
Add functions to enable/disable/query SWP assembler instruction support
Added CoprocLibDemo application
24/06/2103 V2.1 Added support for Colibri PXA300XT
17/06/2013 V2.0.1 Updated to work with Apalis T30