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Android Support on Toradex Products

Support for Android on Toradex products is currently provided through partners. Toradex itself does not provide support for Android.
Please contact our partners directly if you have any questions regarding Android on Toradex products.

Android Lollipop 5.1 Demo Image for Toradex i.MX 6 and Tegra products

Our partner Antmicro with extensive experience in embedded/industrial Android provides a demo image for Android Lollipop on some of our modules. Further information and installation instructions are available in the release notes. Please contact Antmicro directly if you have any further questions.

Supported Modules:

  • Colibri T30
  • Apalis T30
  • Apalis iMX6
  • Colibri iMX6 (currently non-IT only)

Downloads provided by:

Other Demo Images

There are some more demo/preview images available. They are provided as-is without any support by Toradex: