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Colibri Evaluation Board


Colibri Evaluation Board

  • Carrier Board for Colibri System on Module Family
  • 200mmx200mm form factor
  • Supports wide range of connectivity and multimedia I/Os
  • Ideal for evaluation and development

What I need to order

Colibri Evaluation Board can be ordered along with Colibri System on Modules.

Do I need anything else in addition?

The Carrier Board Accessory Kit includes:

  • Cables: USB, Ethernet, RS232, Jumper Wires
  • Adapters: DVI to VGA, HDMI to DVI, USB to RS232, USB Micro-A to A (USB Micro-AB receptacle to Type A), RS232 Header to D-Sub, Iris Power-adapter
  • Power Adapter: 12VDC 30W with international plugs
  • Product Flyer with cable connection details

Where do I order

All the products can be ordered online at Toradex Webshop

Starting for the first time

Check the article below for all details

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various option of technical support are mentioned in the article below.

I/O Support

  • Up to 32 Bit External Bus
  • USB 2.0 (4x Host, 1x OTG, 1x Device )
  • I2C (4x)
  • SPI (4x)
  • UART (2x RS232, 1x RS422/485)
  • IrDA (1x)
  • PWM (4x)
  • GPIO (up to 158)
  • Analog Input (4x)
  • Ethernet (1x 10/100 Mbit)
  • SDIO/SD/MMC (1x 4 Bit)
  • CAN (1x)
  • LVDS (1x Single Channel)
  • HDMI (1x)
  • VGA (1x)
  • RGB (1x 24/18 Bit)
  • Resistive Touch (4/5-wire)
  • Camera Parallel Interface (1x)
  • Analog Audio Line in (1x)
  • Analog Audio Mic in (1x)
  • Analog Audio Headphone out (1x)
  • USB-to-RS232 Transceiver (1x)
  • RTC on Board (1x)
  • JTAG

* This is a module-specific feature and may not be supported by all the computer-on-modules in the Colibri family. For more details, refer to the datasheet of Colibri computer-on-modules
** The breakout/jumper area provides a flexible mechanism for changing the hardware configuration or signal routing for any external circuit

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document
01012102 Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1C Initial Version 2006 PCN Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1C 2012-09-21
01013100 Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1A Rearranged many connectors
Support for USB 2.0 HighSpeed
Support for DVI-I
Support for LVDS
Support for RS422/485
Changed CAN controller, using SPI now
Removed PCMCIA interface (CF-Card)
2012-09-12 Evaluation Product, No PCN
01013200 Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2A

Improved flexibility:
- Added jumper for CAN RX and TX

- Added jumper for Ethernet TX Center Tap
- Connected RTS and CTS of the debug serial port to the USB to Serial port (X27)
- Camera Interface connector X22 pin-out has been updated to be compatible with Apalis Evaluation Board

2014-11-30 PCN Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2A 2016-06-03
01013201 Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2B

Correction of Errata: Right Audio Connector (X26) assembled