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Creating a Windows CE Image with Different Language and Local Support

The binary Windows CE images provided by Toradex have English language menus and a support for a few other locals only. The following steps demonstrate how to add more languages and locals and change the default settings. The following example changes the language and local to Chinese. The steps are quite similar for Windows CE 5 and Windows CE 6. We didn't test this on Windows Embedded Compact 7 yet, but it should work similar.

  1. You need to have the Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder installed.
  2. Download and install all Microsoft updates (also known as QFE) for the Platform Builder.
  3. Install the Toradex Windows CE BSP.
  4. [optional] Install the Toradex Windows CE Platform Builder Workspace
  5. Open the Platform Builder Workspace and add the following Windows CE components.
  6. Add Fonts, e.g. Simsun.ttc with CP1252+GB2312 characters only:
    • Select: Catalog\Core OS\Windows CE devices\International\Locale specific support\Chinese(Simplified)\Fonts\SimSun & NSimSun (Choose 1)\SimSun & NSimSun (subset 2_60)
    • Select: ...\Chinese(Simplified)\Fonts\GB18030 Data Converter
    • Select: ...\Chinese(Simplified)\Agfa AC3 Font Compression
  7. Add Input Methods:
    • Select: ...\Chinese(Simplified)\Input Method Editor (Choose 1)\ MSPY 3.0 for Windows CE\Double Spelling (Shuang Pin) soft keyboard - Small
  8. Adjust the platform locale settings in the menu bar of the Platform Builder: Platform->Settings...
    • Select Locales: 中文 (Chinese)
    • Default language: 中文 (Chinese)
    • Codepages: 936
  9. Adjust the Flash Disk start address in the file platform.reg.
    WinCE5: You can find this file in the ParameterView window of the Platform Builder.
    WinCE6: You can find this file in the Solution Explorer window under WINCE600\Platform\Colibri\Parameter Files double click on platform.reg and change to source view at the bottom of the popping up platform.reg window:
    • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BlockDevice\StrataFMD]: unmask and change:
      "MemBase"=dword:01B80000 ; to 01B00000 + 00080000 (29MB + 512KB Registry)
      This is needed because the Windows CE image grows because of the Chinese resources.
  10. Adjust the the links in the file project.dat from the ParameterView window in the Platform Builder:
    • Directory("\Windows\程序\ColibriTools"):-File("SaveReg.lnk","\Windows\SaveReg.lnk")
  11. Perform a Clean Sysgen.
    WinCE5: Check Build OS->Clean Before Building and then Build OS->Sysgen
    WinCE6: Select Build->Advanced Build Commands->Clean Sysgen
  12. Create a binary image by using Make Run-Time Image

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