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Disable and Enable the Explorer

Disable Explorer

The Explorer can be disabled by preventing the system from running it.

Rename the following value:


Don't forget to save the Registry.

ActiveSync will still work on CE 5 and CE 6, so you can access your module using ActiveSync. Windows Embedded Compact 7 needs the explorer enabled if you want to use ActiveSync (Mobile Device Center).

Enable Explorer

To re-enable the explorer, follow the steps mentioned below. An empty storage medium like USB stick or SD card is required.

  • In the root folder of the USB/SD, create a folder AutoRun.
  • Inside the AutoRun folder, create a file titled explorer.lnk. Copy the following string into it.
  • Connect USB/SD to the WinCE device. Explorer will automatically come up.
  • Change the name for the key to the original name.


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