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How to create a Qt application

Qt SDK installation on WinCE 7

To install Qt, please follow the step-by-step instructions. This installation instructions are valid for Qt 4.8.4 with WinCE 7 under Visual Studio 2008.

Creating your first Qt application

  • Open Visual Studio 2008.
  • Browse through File > New > Project > Qt4 Projects (on left pane) > Qt Windows CE Application.
  • Choose a project name (i.e qt_demo) and click OK.

  • On next page, you will see ‘Qt4 Windows CE Project Wizard’.

  • Qt program wizard automatically detects the installed Qt version for WinCE 7.
  • Click Next. This page gives you an option to add additional Qt libraries depending on your application (QtCorelib and QtGuilib are default libraries).
  • Click Next & Finish.
  • Edit the code as shown below.

#include "qt_demo.h"
#include <QtGui/QApplication>
#include <qpushbutton.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication demoApplication(argc, argv);
QPushButton message("Hello World!", 0);
message.resize(320, 200);;
return demoApplication.exec();

  • Build and deploy solution.
  • You will find the executable and other deployed files in project folder present in My Device > Program Files on Toradex module.

Download project

You can download demo source code from here.

To learn how to use Toradex libraries in Qt Application, follow this link.

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