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How to install additional fonts


This article explains about installing East Asian language fonts on windows CE device. Our windows CE binary have English language menus and a support for a few other locals only. Additional fonts will allow windows CE device to view documents, Internet resources and applications in the way the developer intended it to appear. This will not change locale and default language settings.

Download Fonts

Language FontCE5, CE6, CE7WEC2013
Simplified Chinesedownloaddownload
Traditional Chinesedownloaddownload


  1. Please download the respective font file from above links.
  2. Please install CAB file on Windows CE device, learn how to install cab file from here.
  3. Reboot and verify if font is supported.

Uninstall or Remove Fonts

The easiest way to uninstall the fonts is by using the following sequence:

“Start->Settings->Control Panel->Remove Program"

Please Note: On certain combination of Windows CE/Windows Embedded Compact and module types, it is not possible to uninstall the fonts in this way. You will need to manually uninstall the fonts.

  • Uninstall manually

Delete the below registry entries with the help of the registry editor “Start->Programs->ColibriTools->RegEdit".
WinCE6 or newer



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Explorer\Shell Folders]

Save the registry and restart the device. Please delete the Fonts files in “\FlashDisk\System\Fonts“ after the reboot.

NOTE: Multiple fonts can be installed on one device.

Switch between different languages using MUI

The Multilanguage-UI feature allows you to change the language used by the OS. This requires that you save the registry and reboot your devices. For Chinese and Japanese languages setting the MUI key to the right language code is not enough.


You need to set also the correct font mappings, mapping standard system fonts to fonts that support the language you selected.

For Japanese:

"Arial"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI
"Courier New"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI Gothic"
"Segoe UI"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI Gothic"
"Symbol"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI Gothic"
"Tahoma"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI Gothic"
"Times New Roman"="\\Windows\\msgothic.ac3,MS UI Gothic"

For Chinese:

"Courier New"="\\Windows\\simsun.ac3,NSimSun"
"Segoe UI"="\\Windows\\simsun.ac3,NSimSun"
"Times New Roman"="\\Windows\\simsun.ac3,NSimSun"

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