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How to install CAB file


A cabinet file is a file with .cab extension that supports lossless data compression and is used to pack multiple installation files that are copied to a machine. For more information on CAB files, click here.

This article demonstrates how to install CAB files on Toradex modules. Either you can place the setup file on the module itself or on any removable media like USB, SD card etc.

Installation Procedure

  • Double click the setup file to start the installation.
  • The default search path that the kernel uses to locate .dll and .exe files is \FlashDisk\System. All the CAB files provided by Toradex installs to the same directory. If you're installing a file provided by any third party, set the exact same path and press OK.
  • Installation will start as shown below:

Note: For more information on how this installation process works or how it can be installed programmatically, click here.

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