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iMX7 WinCE Bring-up


This is a beta image, it's not granted that it contains the same components you'll find in the final release images and some features are not supported at the moment.
The image runs on Colibri i.MX7 modules. The image has been tested using the Colibri Evaluation Boards, those are the suggested platforms for experimenting with the image.
The Colibri i.MX7 modules will come with a WinCE license valid for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 for free. Some of the early modules will not have the license sticker installed. You are still allowed to use them for tests if order modules you will use for a final product you have to make sure the license sticker is installed. If you are unsure if your next order includes the stickers get in touch Toradex. More details about licensing in this article.

Prepare SD card

  1. To get image please check here
  2. Get empty sd card and format it to FAT
  3. Copy files eboot.imx, nk7.bin and nk8.bin to SD card
  4. Do not insert SD card in carrier board yet

Flashing E-Boot and Windows Embedded Compact

  1. Enter recovery mode following the iMX Recovery Mode article
  2. Your PC should now detect iMX7 module.
  3. Insert the SD-card in the slot.
  4. Start Recovery.bat inside the package, you downloaded from our website.
  5. You should see output similar to this
Executed plugin successfully.
Succeed to download ..\eboot.imx to the device.
Run into the image successfully.
  1. Now connect the serial port and start any terminal software. You should see this text "Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu". Press space now.
Toradex Bootloader 1.0b1 for iMX7 Built Apr  6, 2017
Reset cause: Booting from recovery mode 1
Overriding config block settings. Setting Delay to 30s and [SPACE] for bootloader entry
RAM :512 MB
PLL_CORE :792 Mhz
PLL_SYS :480 Mhz
PLL_ENET :1000 Mhz
IPG :33750 khz
UART :24000 khz
AHB :67500 khz
Colibri IMX7D module version 1.1B

Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu

Initiating image launch in 29 seconds.
  1. Press X to enter E-Boot menu.
  2. Type "flashloader" and press enter. At this point, it will flash the E-Boot.
  3. Power cycle the module. The 1st boot may take some time as its checking NAND.
  4. If the module does not boot to E-Boot after 10s look into the chapter -> Restoring config block
  5. Type "eraseflash filesystem" and press enter. This will erase the filesystem partition of NAND
  6. If the module booted to e-boot you can now type "flashimage nk7.bin" to flash WEC7 or "flashimage nk8.bin" to flash WEC2013.

Restoring config block

  1. Enter the recovery mode as described above.
  2. When the device is in the command prompt of recovery mode type
  3. "restorefactoryinfo CIMX7S256 12345678 1.0A" depending on your module type. See more information below:
Specify model, serial number and version.
Example: restorefactoryinfo CIMX7S256 12345678 1.0A
You can find this information on the label attached to your module.
Valid model names are CIMX7S256 and CIMX7D512
  1. After config block is created continue with chapter Flashing E-Boot and Windows Embedded Compact.

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