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Replace driver or DLL in standard images

There are situations in which you want to replace a standard image driver or default image DLL. There are different reasons to replace a driver or DLL: It could be you get a driver from the support team that fixes some issues or you want to replace or add some DLLs in the volatile "\Windows" directory permanently.

Replace a driver

  1. Rename the driver dll. Add a sufix _repl to the driver name, for example libnvuart_repl.dll.
  2. Copy the driver to the folder \FlashDisk\System .
  3. Open the registry editor and rename the the value for the registry key "DLL" of the according driver. Device drivers are located at [HKLM\Drivers\Builtin].
  4. Save the registry.
  5. Reboot the device. After that the driver will be loaded from \FlashDiks\System and not from the \Windows directory any longer.


  • Drivers that are loaded before the flash file system is mounted can not be replace in all images.
  • This will not work with Platformbuilder debug images.

Replace DLL from \Windows folder

Replacing DLLs from the \Windows folder allows you to change some features that are part of the standard image. To do this we introduced the EarlyAutoCopy feature. Check the related developer site how this feature can be enabled.

Once the EarlyAutoCopy is enabled just create a folder \FlashDisk\EarlyAutoCopy\Windows and copy the DLL you want to replace into this directory.

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