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Toradex Task Manager

Previous name: Colibri Monitor


Colibri Monitor is windows-like task manger which shows the CPU related parameters (CPU usage, Process ID, Thread ID, etc.).
In this new version of Colibri Monitor following features has been added:

  1. Monitoring up to 128 processes on WinCE6, WEC7 and WEC2013.
  2. Compatibility iMX6 Modules.
  3. Support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013.
  4. Bug fix: Thread Priority for single core processors was not working.
  5. Bug fix: CPU processing was going more than 100% randomly.
Colibri Monitor 1.7
Colibri Monitor 1.7
Colibri Monitor 1.7


Please find below the download links:

ToolWinCE5 - CE7WEC2013
Toradex Task ManagerV2.0V2.0

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