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Touch Tweak

TouchTweak needs image version 3.2 beta1 and onwards.

You can find the tool in the Colibri Software.


With this tool, you can adjust the touch screen driver to your touch screen if required.

Parameter Descriptions

Sampling Interval

Interval between 2 touch measurements in milliseconds. One measurement includes X,Y, and pressure.


Time to wait for each ADC conversion (Should be set to 0)

Dummy Samples

Number of samples measured at the beginning for each X, Y, and pressure but not processed. (can normally be set to 0)


Samples to process (they will be averaged)


Time to wait before starting the sampling of the corresponding measurement (X/Y/Pressure). On large touch panels or when using large filter capacitors, higher values must be set to let the touch settle into the right measurement mode)

Max Variance(X/Y/Pressure)

The Driver will sample many values for each measurement (X/Y/Pressure) and if one of these values is too large or small from the other sample values, the whole measurement is invalidated. The Max Variance defines this maximum difference between all samples.

Min Pressure

Minimum pressure needed to validate all measurements. If the pressure is below this level, all X/Y measurement will be discarded. 0 means no pressure measurement is done.


Sensitivity for the pen or finger down detection. Range from 1 (most sensitive) to 63 (less sensitive). Wolfson codecs only.


This will enable an ADC internal Analog LowPass filter. UCB1400 codec only.

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