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WinCE Fast Boot

We provide demo fast boot image in a download below. If you want you can also use work-space to build your own custom image.

Demo image download

Windows Embedded Compact 7.0
OS Image
  • [iMX7 WinCE Fast boot](
  • [Tegra WinCE Fast boot](
  • [VybridWinCE Fast boot](

Please note there are quite some limitation in our pre-built image.

Building your own image

You can download the work-space provided here

Windows Embedded Compact 7.0
  • [iMX7 WinCE Workspace](
  • [Tegra WinCE Workspace](
  • [Vybrid WinCE Workspace](
Binary BSP
  • [iMX7 WinCE Binary BSP](
  • For Tegra use the standard BSP from the according release.
  • [Vybrid WinCE Binary BSP](

When building image please note a file called PBWORKSPACEROOT%\ToradexFiles\multibin.txt. Inside you can see the list of files that are going to get manually removed from image even if you add them to bib file. If you want any of this files included you should also delete them from this file.

Tezi compatible images

Windows Embedded Compact 7.0
    [iMX7 WinCE Tezi Image](

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