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Touch Devices

Resistive Touch Devices

The Colibri (excluding Colibri PXA300) and Apalis Modules comes with an interface for a 4-wire resistive and 5-wire resistive Touch Screen. The driver for this interface is already included in our preinstalled Win CE standard image. For more information see Resistive Touch Screen.

Capacitive Touch Devices

You get Capacitive Touch Devices normally with I2C (SPI) or USB interfaces. Toradex has some knowledge in integrating such Touch Devices, so please contact our support team if you need some more information.

Toradex provides two sets of Capacitive Multi Touch Displays in our Webshop. These sets contain a display and an adapter for the wiring to the different carrier boards. Preconfigured drivers allows you to easily evaluate the functionality.

USB Capacitive Touch Interface

If you go for a Capacitive Touch Device with an USB interface, most often you get a complete setup of a touch area, controller and display. If the device does not act as a normal USB mouse you should also get a driver with the product. Please check with the manufacturer, if you get the driver for the target OS. Again, if you do not build your own image we offers help creating CAB installers so you can integrate the driver in the standard image. If you are not able to get the driver from manufacture, then please try our standard USB HID Touch driver.

I2C/SPI Capacitive Touch Interface

A lot of Capacitive Touch Devices has an I2C interface. Few devices uses a SPI interface. The communication protocols of these devices are not standardized, so Toradex does not offer an integrated driver with their Board Support Packages. Most often you have to write your own driver for a Capacitive Touch Device. However, Toradex provides Capacitive Multi-Touch Solution, with the Capacitive Multi-Touch Solution a customer can easily build a "touch driver" for his specific touch/display and touch controller respectively.

Gestures and Multi-Touch

Windows CE 6 (R3 and later), Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Embedded Compact 2013 offer gesture support. To use these gesture features a Capacititve Touch Driver is needed too. For more information about gestures supported by Mircorsoft see:

Toradex offers Multi Touch support for Windows Embedded Compact 7, 2013. Windows CE 6 (R3) supports only single touch. The gesture feature is enabled in the newer Toradex standard images. If you need this features get in touch with us or enable the feature in the Platform builder catalog if you build your own image.

Capacitive Multi-Touch Solution

The Capacitive Multi-Touch Solution allows customer to build its own single/multi touch driver based on a source code example.

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