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USB image download

Colibri PXAxxx

Bootloader version 3.2 beta 2 and onwards support the download of an image file over USB RNDIS.

This feature is not available on the Colibri PXA310.

Colibri Txx

All Colibri Tegra modules support the USB RNDIS download.

How To

To use this feature you have to do the following steps:

  • Set download type to USBC
    Type in the Bootloader command prompt:
set boot.dltype=1
save boot
set ip.ip = IPADDRESS
set ip.subnet = SUBNETMASK
set ip.dhcp = 0
save ip

Make sure that you choose an address in another subnet than your normal one.

  • Connect the USB Cable between the Colibri and the PC
  • Restart the Colibri Module
  • Go in download mode (Choose "D" or "F" in the Bootloader menu)

On the PC

  • When you set the Colibri in the download mode, your PC will detect a new device. Now you can install the driver.
  • 32 bit Windows: Download the RNDIS driver from the Colibri Loader download page and install it.
  • 64 bit Windows: 64 bit Windows 7 comes with a RNDIS driver but can not install it automatically. See this page for an installation guide.
  • For the new network adapter, set a static IP in the same subnet as the Colibri
  • Start the Colibri Loader
  • Do a normal Ethernet download. (In case if Colibri stopped to send BOOTME messages, you have to restart it and set it in the download mode again)
  • Ensure that your firewall is not blocking the communication

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