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Toradex stopped providing the WQVGA display. This article provides information for customers still having the WQVGA display from Toradex. We have some other displays available now. Please take a look at our product selector page for information about the current display solutions.

The legacy WQVGA display can be connected to the Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1 or Orchid Carrier Board. The Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1 doesn't support the display anymore. You can find more information about the display on our Add-on Products pages.

To choose the right display settings you can use the Colibri Tweak -> Display Settings

Installation on Win CE

  1. Download the ColibriTweak zip file from the Toradex download section: It contains:
    1. The latest ColibriTweak Tool
    2. The display presets folder
  2. Connect the display with the Generic Display Connector to the Colibri Evaluation Board or the Orchid.
  3. Copy Colibri Tweak including the Display Preset folder to the Colibri (AciveSync, SD Card, USB Memory Stick, CF Card,..).
  4. Start Colibri Tweak. If you do not have a working display, use the Remote Display tool.
  5. In Colibri Tweak select the display preset "Sharp_LQ043T_480x272".
  6. Use the Splash Screen Tool to update the display setting for the Splash Screen. This is particularly important for newer displays because they need proper resolution and timings at boot.

Special Settings

To get an optimal video quality there are some additional registry and Bootloader settings are required.

Because the display needs a special startup timing we recommend to add additional registry entries:


Do not forget to save the registry

If you use a Splash Screen you can also do this settings in the Bootloader:

set ss
set ss.dispondelay=3
save ss

If you don't use a Splash Screen you should disable the default one. See: Disable Splash Screen

Touch on the Colibri Evaluation Board

If you would like to use the touch with the Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1 you have to make some additional connections:

For Evaluation board 2.1:

Pin on X17  to  Pin on X16
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 5

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