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Embedded Controller (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 26 Nov 2018
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The Embedded Controller (Cypress CY8C24794) is responsable for the correct power up of the system. Other features like

are implemented as well in the Embedded Controller. It is connected to the US15W over a USB channel.

More information of the Chip is available in the datasheet:

Access the Embedded Controller:

  • Programming Guide to the Oak Sensor Family Application note regarding the access of the Robin Embedded Controller (which is software compatible with the Toradex Oak Sensor Family)
  • (1) Oak Support Library for Windows XP
  • (2) Sample source code for OakLib
  • (3) LabVIEW VI for Windows XP
  • (4) Oak USB-HID Driver for Windows 6.0.
  • (5) C Sample Code for Windows CE 6.0
  • (6) Use the Embedded Controller under Linux