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Flash Layout PXA

Default Flash Layout

The following list shows the Flash regions in its default configuration.

Important Information

Be careful while changing Flash Layout. If you set wrong values, it might be possible that you override the Bootloader. In that case you need a JTAG cable to restore the module!

If you would like to change the Flash Layout you have to understand where the information for the Flash Layout is saved.

Preparing the system for an image larger than 19MB

If you built the image by yourself then it might be possible that you have large image.

In this case shift the Flash file system in your default Registry to the right position and adjust the size.

We recommend to add the registry values to the project.reg file.

For more information see Flash file system.

Now, you have got your own large image with the default Registry already adjusted for the size and position of the Flash file system.

First you should enter the Bootloader Menu and delete the Registry in the flash ("C").

Next step, shift the Registry to the right position.

Go to the Bootloader Menu and change the setting for loc.regstart.

Here the required commands:

set loc.regstart=0xNEWADDRESS
save loc

Now, restart the module and load directly your new large image in the flash. You can use the Platformbuilder or the Colibri Loader to do this.

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