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How to add driver source code and build on WinCE binary BSP release


We would like to provide a template driver source code to be integrated with WinCE binary BSP release. If you are able to build and integrate the driver with the OS image successfully then you can modify the template driver for your requirement or add your existing driver similar structure and then continue your development. Please follow the below instructions to integrate the template driver.


  1. Download template driver
  2. Extract its content into WinCE binary BSP release
  3. Open OSDesign project file in Visual Studio
  4. Try to build the driver by navigating to the respective platform and verify it is building and without any error
  5. The driver has to integrate with OS image and registry configuration should be done to load when the operating system is launching as like mentioned in StreamDriver.bib and StreamDriver.reg

For more information: please refer documentation

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