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How to use FRAM (WinCE)


  • FRAM is a non-volatile memory used to perform read and write operation similar to RAM and provides fast writes at full interface speed.
  • FRAM does not have any write delays and data is instantly nonvolatile.
  • FRAM's advantages:
  1. Lower power usage
  2. Faster write performance
  3. Greater maximum read/write endurance (about 1010 to 1014 cycles).

This tutorial demonstrates how to interface [FM25CL64B]( with Toradex module & Viola Carrier Board V1.2 A.

Schematic diagram

Image of Fram:

Schematic diagram:

Demo application in C

  • Download demo code from here.
  • Build and deploy the application.
  • Navigate to My Device > Program Files > Fram_demo and run the application Fram_demo.exe.

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