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LED Scrolling Display - Cloud Demo

LED Scrolling Display


This demo showcases the use of Cloud library for remotely updating information on LED scrollers (can be modified to use display monitors). It uses Amazon's SQS service. LED scroller is connected to Colibri module using RS232 interface. C program running on WinCE periodically checks for new messages (sent by webpage) in the queue and updates the display accordingly.

This can be used for remotely updating displays connected to Toradex modules, at multiple locations from anywhere in the world, using a single point as an information sink, while negating the requirement of any local intervention.

Real world examples can be IP based Information displays in Airports, Railway stations, Bus terminals, Exhibition halls, etc.



  • Colibri Module (any Colibri Module can be used)
  • Iris Baseboard
  • RS232 (UARTA) to connect LED scrolling display
  • Operating system: WinCE
  • Cloud Library used: Cloud SQS
  • Application developed in C
  • Webpage

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