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Windows Embedded Compact License and Components

Toradex ships some of its Computer Modules including a Windows Embedded Compact / WinCE runtime license. For detailed information about the licenses please contact your local Microsoft distributor.
You can find a list of products with included runtime license on our Main Website. Select a product and look at the "Module Feature" tab for further details.
You can download all available OS Images here


Windows Embedded Compact is reaching end-of-life, please consider using Torizon, our easy-to-use platform that has been designed as a migration path for WinCE users. If you already use WinCE, read the article Windows Embedded Compact End-of-Life (EOL).

Run-time License: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Entry (C13Entry)

Toradex is bound by its CLA with Microsoft and thus can only sell its products (i.e. SOM) bundled with the WEC2013 runtime licenses until this EOL date.

Toradex' customers having their own CLA agreement with Microsoft are similarly categorized as OEM. They thus are also limited by this date from which it is no longer allowed to bring devices with this software to market.

Customers without their own CLA agreement with Microsoft are accounted as distributors of the Toradex product and may resell their end-product even after this EOL date.

This license is backward compatible and therefore valid for:

Customized Image / Additional Components

In case you build your own image form our BSP, and you use different components make sure they still fit in the pre-installed license. In case you use components not included in the pre-installed license you need to obtain the correct license form your local Microsoft Distributor.

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